Auto Accident Injury Treatment in San Mateo & Redwood City


Some patients after a whiplash injury need immediate care that are taken by Paramedics or an Ambulance to Emergency Room (ER).  The medical doctors at the Emergency Department, usually rule out life threatening conditions and release most patients on the same day.  If there is any concern about the injured, patient might be hospitalized for more observation and medical treatment.

Those who are released from Emergency Medical care usually seek care in local doctor’s office based on the ER doctor’s recommendation.  The car occupants who are suffering from increasing pain and have not visited ER, usually seek care 1 to 7 days after the collision.

Most of the pain sufferers after the auto accident injury, experience increased inflammation and swelling of the neck or back area.  we provide ice therapy (cryotherapy) along with therapeutic ultrasound or electrical therapy to reduce the inflammation and spasm.  Furthermore, we provide home instruction for icing multiple times at home along with the required rest during the initial phase of injury.  When it is clinically indicated, patient is placed on temporary disability.  Staying away from work can prevent increasing pain and allow the patient to recover faster.

Muscle stim or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) along with different forms of comfortable traction can be added to the treatment plan for further reduction in muscle spasm and pain.  Our unique treatment for car accident injury combines physiotherapy modalities and gentle chiropractic based on the modern chiropractic techniques, such as non-force chiropractic or low force chiropractic methods.

As the pain is reduced or eliminated, we recommend rehabilitation exercises.  Patient usually performs the exercises in the clinic, at the office or at home to support his/her recovery process.  Ergonomics of sitting, lifting, standing or walking are explain for the patients who can benefit from it.  Patients who complete their rehabilitation program are examined to get released from Auto Accident whiplash injury care.

Patients who do not respond to treatment plan and their pain level is increased or the pain level does not decrease as clinically expected are referred to other healthcare professionals for further evaluation or treatment.

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