Auto Accident Injury Examination

Auto Accident Injury Examination San Mateo Chiropractic Clinic

After an auto accident injury, it is very important to document the extent of the injury in a timely fashion to address the pain and injury properly.

Auto Accident Injury Examination

An auto accident injury examination can begin on the site of the accident by paramedics, at an Emergency Room or at a clinic. Doctors at the Emergency Room clinically document the apparent injury; however, some evidence of the injury such as a bruise,  along with additional symptoms may appear a few days later.  It is very important to document this type of injury as soon as possible, because the bruised area can discolor or disappear in a short period of time.  Most smartphones are equipped with high resolution digital cameras that can provide a detailed image of the discolored skin.  An injured patient can use a digital camera or smartphone to document the bruised areas as soon as it appears.   Please notify the treating doctor about the appearance or disappearance of bruised area for clinical documentation.

Most of the auto accident injuries do not appear with a visible sign like a bruise.

A healthcare practitioner utilizes a variety of physical examinations, orthopedic tests. or neurological tests to evaluate and document the injury.  Sometimes further clinical studies such as X-ray or MRI are indicated to document the injured structure inside the body.

Routine examination will determine the level of progress or improvement during the treatment process.  As the examination of an injured person indicates more improvement in the condition, the passive therapy can change to active therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

As the process of healthcare for an injured person starts with an examination, the patient is also examined when he or she reaches maximum medical improvement or pre-accident status to document the full recovery or residual pain prior to discharge from care.

If you have not been examined after a recent car accident injury and you are still suffering from pain, please consider contacting us for a clinical examination.






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